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Custom sliding door product line – OPTIMO, HIGH, QUADRO

Made to measure, custom slide doors are designed as a light sliding partition between two spaces (for example, kitchen and dining room, living room and kitchen, bedroom and study, hallway and living room). You separate the spaces with them, but by sliding the door, the spaces “connect” with each other into a single whole.

EDURO sliding doors can slide against the wall and thus “do not enter” the space, so it is much easier to organize the arrangement of other furniture in the room. In a very simple way, the problems of parquet molding, switches and sockets in the door sliding zone are solved, so that the whole door and construction look simple and modern.
The advantage of our sliding doors in relation to the “classic” revolving doors is that they open linearly (do not enter the space), so it is much easier to organize the layout of a room, regardless of whether it is a bedroom, study and children’s room. or about the living room, dining room, pantry and hallway.

By choosing and combining different materials on EDURO sliding doors, our customers can fit them into different interiors and satisfy their different tastes. By installing EDURO sliding doors, our customers, in addition to using the space in the best way, will certainly further aesthetically enrich their living space.

Eduro d.o.o.

EDURO d.o.o. is the proud owner of the EDURO brand and the largest Croatian manufacturer of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, sliding doors and chests of drawers with sliding doors, all made to measure. During 20 years of development and business, in our market, EDURO products have become synonymous with built-in cabinets, quality, punctual delivery and a 10-year warranty on sliding systems. Due to today’s fast pace of life, we decided that our service must be A la Cart, therefore – a complete service to the client, from salon service (design, expert advice, design, etc.), precise measurements, drafting, production, delivery, installation and warranty on sliding systems.

Made in Croatia.