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Danijela Martinović about big life changes and colaboration with Eduro

Danijela Martinović for Eduro

The largest Croatian manufacturer of built-in wardrobes and furniture made to measure in top quality – EDURO, in a new campaign with the brand’s face – musician and writer DANIJELA MARTINOVIĆ presents its new and largest branch office opened in Zagreb within the Family Mall, former Solidum.

This time, after remodeling her own living space, Danijela talks with a big smile first hand about the experience with EDURO:

Home has always been my most important refuge and it is very important to me when I step through the door that every detail is the way I feel. Small oases inside the apartment are very important to me, such as the space in which I create, the wardrobe space and the sleeping space, which is perhaps the most important to me. That’s why EDURO has created a little magic in my apartment in recent weeks and turned the most important oases for me into rooms where I can enjoy myself to the fullest.

Danijela Martinović for Eduro

Through 24 years of intensive product development, EDURO has become the leading company in Croatia for the production and installation of built-in cabinets, sliding doors and custom folding beds, and now EDURO offers customers complete home furnishing in one place! New kitchen, sofas, modern armchairs, dining tables and chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, flooring …

Everything for the home made to measure is now easy to find in the new EDURO showroom in Škorpikova Street. For more than two decades, customers have been continuously returning to EDURO, which is why today they are synonymous with quality, punctual delivery and precise installation.

Eduro – life, custom made!