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Eduro namještaj po mjeri za novi ured

Eduro custom-made furniture for the new office

The vision od new office was clear from the beginning: to create a modern, bright, airy and elegant space.

As for the office structure itself, the space is divided into several rooms, some of which are even completely hidden from the eye of a casual passerby. In addition to the rooms reserved for editorial and marketing, there is a chic lobby for meetings, and behind the effective decorative ‘scenery’, or wooden rock that is custom made work according to the designs of Vlatka Čizmić, there is a bathroom and kitchen .

The floor is covered in white matte microcement, and the dominant wall in the office is left in a ‘raw’, concrete attire…

We are best known for our built-in closets with sliding doors, which are a quality and durable solution for every living or business space. So for the Journal office, we made built-in cabinets with sliding doors and chests of drawers, ideal for storing all office trifles, a kitchen and work desks with aluminum legs.

Photo: Sanja Jagatić /

We all know how important details are, so for that purpose, charming accessories are gathered here that give the space warmth; white lanterns, cream white curtains, custom made hand-painted Journal letters created according to Vlatka Čizma’s design and framed in guggenheim frames, as well as large ornamental plants in concrete jars.

Eduro kitchen Photo: Sanja Jagatić /

It was a special pleasure for us to participate in furnishing the new business space!

We look forward to future new collaborations 🙂

If you also want to work with us, contact us at one of the Eduro location in Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Rijeka.

Photo: Sanja Jagatić /