Exclusive exhibition of photographs by Jadran Lazić at EDURO Concept Store – Eduro

EDURO & Jadran Lazić

Exclusive exhibition of photographs by Jadran Lazić at EDURO Concept Store

Croatian photos. He is a world-renowned photographer Jadran Lazić, who immortalized some of today’s greatest film and music stars with his lens. Grace Jones, Cher, Sylvester Salone, Elizabeth Taylor, David Bowie… these are just some of the big names that adorned his works.

Jadran Lazić u novom Eduro Concept Store

He exhibited some of them in the newest and largest EDURO Concept Store in the Family Mall in Zagreb. The famous photographer personally arrived at the location to see his photos in the new Eduro environment, which now extends to about 600 m2!

I am glad that it was my photos that caught the eye of the sales and marketing director of Eduro, Mili Dude. After she contacted me, I soon found myself in the new Eduro, and when I saw how their furniture looked in person… we immediately agreed to work together. The photographs naturally fit into the exhibition space itself!

Mila Dude, direktorica marketinga za Eduro
  • How did your love for photography begin?

My father instilled in me a love for photography. He was a military man, sailed on the Galeb and traveled to many countries. When he came back from a trip, he would set up a darkroom and then develop the photos. When he put the photo paper in the developer, when the photo started to come out I was in shock. I thought he was a magician. The first encounter with photography was in primary school, technical section, that’s how I started. After finishing high school, I enrolled in economics. But in the second year I decided to leave. In the meantime, from the age of 17 I worked for the Vjesnik correspondence office in Split. Then I decided “I’m either going out or I’m going to finish economics”. And so I went to Paris. 

  • Numerous domestic and foreign stars stood in front of your lens. Is there someone you haven’t had the chance to work with yet, and whom you would be happy to “bring” in front of your lens?

Brigitte Bardot. I tried to reach her, it was around 1975, it was her birthday and I came to her villa and I brought a painting of a painter from Montmartre who worked in Saint Tropez as a present. I kissed the door. She said no way. And that’s it.

  • Did you feel fear, i.e. nervousness before filming with all those Hollywood or world faces?

No, I perceived them as worldly, so to speak, and yet ours, because I am a man who lives and is guided by emotion. As well as this furniture, i.e. specifically this dressing room evokes an emotion in me, wow – world-class, and essentially our EDURO…

The exhibition thus became part of the permanent display in the new EDURO Concept Store  in the Family Mall. Don’t miss visiting the new salon where you can find everything for your tailor-made life, and the entire interview is also available at Journal.hr.

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