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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t closets have a back panel?

The EDURO closet is secured with steel brackets directly to the floor, ceiling, rear walls and side walls (where they exist). In this way, we get more closet stability compared to the “classic” hardboard back panel, which is not the best solution. It is enough to push an object a little harder into the hardboard back panel, and it will no longer be possible to revert in the original position, without completely disassembling the closet. If we do the back side, due to uneven walls, the closet can be placed in the most prominent point of the back wall, where you can lose an extra few inches in depth. The closet, which has a hardboard back panel, is placed away from the wall just enough to allow accumulation of dust and pests. This space is very difficult to clean and when the hardboard loosens, dust enters the closet. With our assembly system, you control the total depth of the closet to the back wall of the space and can very easily clean the inside of the closet.

Will the paint from the back wall stay on the clothes in the closet and will the clothes stain the back wall?

The time in which you leaned against your grandmother’s wall and left traces on your clothes is over. With today’s high-coverage wall paints, there will be no marks left on the clothes that are in the closet, nor will the clothes stain the wall. We recommend painting the back of the wall with quality water-based, acrylic paint, which does not peel or fall off, does not leave marks on clothes, and can also be wiped with a damp cloth. Such paints are a good solution because the wall still breathes, and the possibility of condensation is reduced. This is especially important if the back wall on which the closet is installed is also the outer wall of the building, or there is a bathroom on the other side.

Does dust enter the closet?

Our closet sliding system and closing mechanism enable quality door folding. Where the sliding doors fold, brushes are placed to prevent the entry of dust.

I have an uneven floor/ceiling/side wall. How do you handle this?

Every space is uneven, the only question is how much, a few millimeters or a few centimeters. Depending on the size of the deviation, there are a number of solutions to this problem provided by EDURO sliding door closet system.

I have a rather complicated space in the entrance part of the apartment with a lot of pipes, a gas meter and water heater, an intercom, a few switches and sockets. Can you solve this by assembling a closet?

Yes! It is in more challenging positions that the advantage of the EDURO closet comes to light. When visiting our branch, bring a photo of the space to devise an optimal solution. If you decide on our products, our educated expert will do a house visit to take precise measures, paying attention to the unevenness of the walls, position of sockets, water heaters, etc.

Will the door hang because of the width and weight?

Our sliding doors are statically supported by the floor, i.e., on the lower sill, so that the door will not hang in any case. The upper sill only holds and directs the door. In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty on the sliding system.

I want a closet with a classic, revolving door. Is it cheaper?

It’s not. A closet with a classic revolving door, in identical design, dimensions, equipment and materials, is more expensive than a closet with sliding doors. In addition to the financial element, sliding door cabinets also have the advantage that their doors open linearly, and you do not lose space in front of the closet. In today’s small apartments, they are an ideal solution for narrow hallways and bedrooms of smaller dimensions, where you have bedside tables next to the bed.

I have small children, is it safe to put a mirror on a closet door?

All mirrors (and all lacobel and lamistal glass) have a safety foil on the back. The security foil has active and passive protection. In the event of an impact, the foil provides the glass elasticity and serves as a suspension system. If you really manage to break the glass, the glass stays glued and is 100% safe from falling. In this case, we can replace the glass (not covered by the warranty).

Can you make holes so I can adjust the shelf heights?

Yes! In the standard version, all verticals of our closets and dressing rooms have perforations along the entire height with a grid of 6.4 cm that allow arbitrary adjustment of the height of most shelves. Some shelves still need to be fixed due to the statics of the closet. On request, we can also perform verticals without perforations.

Do you perform measuring services?

Yes, definitely. Upon accepting the offer in our branch, if you are interested, we will visit you to perform accurate measuring within a couple of working days. You can also request measuring services, by phone or email.

How much does the asembly cost?

If you choose us, we come to you twice. The first is precise measurement, and the second is the delivery of furniture with assembly. For all our products, within the city area where we have a showroom or up to 30 km distance from the showroom, the service of precise measurement, delivery and installation is included in the total amount of the offer. For other areas of measurement, delivery and installation are charged according to our valid price list, and the additional cost may be a ferry, tunnel toll or toll.

Can you tell me by phone how much a 1.80 m high closet costs, at least roughly, with one glass doors?

How would you answer if we asked you how much women’s shoes cost, at least roughly, or how much a car costs, in particular a gray one? ☺

The price of a custom-made closet cannot be roughly estimated. The total amount is affected by a number of elements such as: closet dimensions, performance (corner, wall to wall, etc.), type of sliding system, accessories (several types of drawers, pants and skirt holders, shoe holders, jewelry, ties, etc.), the color and thickness of the interior (cabinet), and the last, to most customers an extremely important item, is the choice of material for the closet exterior.

In reality, you create your own closet from the variety of options offered, with the help of our experienced designers. By designing a closet, you also create a price, which can vary significantly from +/- 5% to 50%.

If I decide to buy and my space is not ready for delivery or assembly, do I need to find some other storage space or can the furniture stay in your warehouse? Is it charged extra?
Eduro practiced approach is that the furniture you buy from us, in order to avoid damage, goes directly from the production to the delivery address, which is performed by our authorized employees and which is included in the price.
We believe that storage in another space, precisely due to possible damage during unskilled transport or entry, is not recommended and we are not responsible for it.
Therefore, we recommend that if you notice the possibility of delays in the work, that you inform us timely and thus avoid all eventual problems.
After the final date has been agreed (day and hour) and confirmed by you, if you change it, and we arrange subsequent delivery, we charge it according to our valid price list.

We bought your closet and the sliding door is shaky. Does this mean that there has been a measurement or manufacturing error and that the door is smaller than it should be? How will you solve this problem? How to file a complaint?

Our engineers have developed a state-of-the-art aluminum sliding wheel system with ball bearings, and the sliding door profiles are made of aluminum, which guarantees the longevity and quality of our products.
It is normal for the door to vibrate. This gives them extra stability and strength. If the door were stretched, due to their opening and closing, but also the movement of the ground, earthquakes, vibrations, etc., the door would crack. You do not need to be afraid that the door of your closet is flawed, in fact Eduro gives a 10-year warranty on the sliding system, and at the end of the warranty period you still have the option of servicing them by our installers.

That is why our answer to such questions is always a recommendation to stop by the nearest EDURO branch with rough measures and show us photos of your living space. Making an offer and sketch is free and non-binding.