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His Majesty – the closet! Five things you need to know about the second most important piece of furniture

How in the sea of ​​offers to choose the right and what criteria a good wardrobe must meet.

If we were to make a list of the most important pieces of furniture in an apartment, a closet probably wouldn’t end up at the very top of the list, but it definitely should. Because try to imagine what our living space would look like if things were scattered on the floor. According to some research, in addition to the bed on which we literally spend half of our lives, the closet is the second most important thing in the home. Today on the market we can find a wide range of different cabinet models, from classic wooden, through freestanding, “walk-in” or to built-in cabinets with sliding doors, which in recent years due to their functionality have become increasingly popular in our market.

But how in the sea of ​​offers to choose the right one and what criteria a good wardrobe must meet?

How to achieve maximum strength and durability?

For the money invested, we want to get the best possible product. In the world of wardrobes, many will agree, it is a built-in wardrobe without a back. This type of cabinet is fixed directly to your existing floor, ceiling, back wall, and side walls (where they exist), and in this way, you get a much higher strength of the cabinet compared to the “classic” back of hardboard. The closet, which has a back made of hardboard, is away from the wall and dust and pests accumulate in that space. It is very difficult to clean, and when the hardboard back is “relaxed”, dust enters the closet.

Eduro installation system, you control the total depth to your back wall of the space and very easily clean the inside of the cabinet. Instead of spending money on your back, why not put a mirror on a sliding door in the hallway for that money. In addition, by installing Eduro sliding doors with brushes, your clothes are also protected from dust.

Fronts are more important than you think

In addition to making full use of space, custom built-in cabinets offer the possibility of personalization. The first step in this is to choose the front and decor that suit your wishes, but also the needs of the interior. So, for example, experts recommend that for smaller spaces always choose fronts with mirrors. On the other hand, if you don’t want the closet to dominate the entire interior, you can choose wall-colored fronts and that way, the closet will be almost imperceptible.

In order to satisfy the needs of all clients, Eduro offers about 40 matt, gloss or high gloss wooden and pastel decors, about 20 colors of opaque (safety glass) lacobel glass, about 10 colors of matte opaque (safety glass) lacobel glass, 3 types (safeta glass) mirrors, sattinato glass, lamistal glass, 5 plexiglass colors, and various other fillings. In addition, they offer the possibility of making sliding doors with HC panels without aluminum profiles, which are also suitable for large door dimensions. They have developed their own sliding systems, to which they give a ten-year warranty. Also, for those who want to play with different materials and colors, on the same door, there is the possibility of dividing the door with “H” profiles.

Significantly more functionality

We almost always have more stuff than storage. It is for this reason that when choosing a wardrobe we must pay attention to its full usability. Finished, classic cabinets come in previously defined dimensions with several shelves and space for hanging and do not offer the customer the ability to adapt to their own needs. Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, made to measure, will fill every inch of your space.

According to some research, these closets are more functional for storing things up to 40 percent. Combining shelves, drawers, places and height for hanging wardrobes allows you to completely customize the wardrobe to your wishes and needs. In order to make your everyday life easier, the leading Croatian manufacturer of built-in wardrobes Eduro offers a large selection of drawers, hangers, tie holders, shoe holders, jewelry boxes and the like. So you have at your disposal shallow and deep drawers, linen drawers, hanging sticks, pull-out hangers, several variants of wire, canvas or metal baskets (intended for storing underwear, socks and towels), and several variants of holders for pants, shirts and ties. You can also choose from the offer different types of shoe racks, boxes for storing jewelry or belts, pull-out mirrors, and if desired, it is possible to install LED lighting.

Seasonal adjustment

As the season’s change, so do we change our wardrobe. Summer, which we enjoyed until a few weeks ago, is now being replaced by autumn, and soon winter. It is this, popularly called, closet rearrangement, that can often be a real nightmare. But what if the closet could be adapted to each season? Eduro has found a solution to this seasonal problem. More precisely, each of their built-in cabinets has perforations (holes) on the verticals, which allow arbitrary adjustment of the distance between the shelves.

Always trust the experts

And finally, perhaps the most important piece of advice. Before you decide to buy a wardrobe, seek the advice of an expert who will create the most optimal solution for your needs. In its 23-year tradition, in order to provide the highest level of quality, Eduro has formed a team of 40 experts to help you make your dream wardrobe. With precise measurements, the expert will comment on the solution with you and define all the important elements. Upon completion of the measurement, a draft and final offer will be sent to your e-mail address.

Only after you confirm the final appearance of the furniture, the drafts are sent to the factory, for technological preparation and production in the plants in Velika Gorica. On-site installation, which is included in the price of the selected element, is also performed by professional staff with many years of experience.