Warranties – Eduro


The guarantee will apply to the above products located in the Republic of Croatia that were delivered to the first end user1 after 01.06.2020.

Sliding systemWarranty period
HIGH10 years
QUADRO10 years
OPTIMO10 years

Beginning of the warranty period
The warranty period starts from the moment the new product is assembled2 at the primary end user3.

Scope of the warranty period
The warranty will cover defects4 caused by defects in material or manufacturing or structural defects5.
Coverage pursuant to warranty is provided under the condition that, for example, any defects, errors or damages are not caused directly or indirectly by:

  1. mishandle or abuse, 
  2. assemble outside the recommended assembly spaces5
  3. subsequent product adjustments by the primary end user,
  4. disassembly, transport or relocation from the assembly site to the primary end user,
  5. other defects, faults or damage not caused by defects in material or manufacturing or structural defects. 

Moreover, coverage pursuant to warranty is provided under the condition that any defects, faults or damage are not caused directly or indirectly by the failure in maintenance described in the user / maintenance instructions or that any defects, faults or damage could not be prevented by maintenance as described in user / maintenance instructions, available on request from EDURO LLC or are available www.eduro.hr

Filing a complaint

In order to exercise the rights of this warranty, the end user will file a complaint in person or by telephone within the warranty period to the retailer from whom he purchased the product. The retailer will forward the complaint to EDURO LLC which will correct any deficiency as soon as possible.

Based on the assessment of the authorized person of the company, EDURO LLC will determine whether to repair the product, deliver a replacement product or provide compensation to the end user in cash or some other form.

Warranty repair
Unless otherwise agreed with the end user, EDURO LLC, as well as authorized and trained franchisors, are responsible for product repair. The warranty covers free delivery and assembly of any spare part / material required to repair defects.

Delivery of a replacement product
Delivery of a replacement product will be made free of charge by replacing the old product with a new product of the same version, type and quality. If at the time of filing the complaint, the product is no longer in production or is no longer produced in the same version (shape, color, etc.) EDURO LLC reserves the right to replace it with a similar product.

Final provisions
EDURO LLC assumes no responsibility for losses incurred directly or indirectly due to accidents beyond the control of EDURO LLC, including but not limited to industrial disputes, fire, flood, war, terrorism, import restrictions, political unrest, unusual natural events, vandalism or other cases of force majeure.

Notes – additional explanations of the above provisions

Note 1
«End user» means a natural or legal person who owns a product and who has not acquired it with the intention of reselling or assembling it within a business framework.

Note 2
«Primary end user» means end user (see note 1) who first acquires the product from company EDURO LLC or authorized franchisors of company EDURO LLC.

Note 3
If the end user is not able to prove the time of delivery of the product by presenting the purchase invoice and warranty certified by the seller, EDURO LLC reserves the right to determine the beginning of the warranty period on the basis of documentation from which the probability of the date of assembly can be determined.

Note 4
This warranty may apply if the defect is identified, based on technical knowledge at the time the product is placed on the market. Moreover, the cause of the deficiencies must have been present at that time.

Note 5
Recommended built-in spaces are private and business premises intended for work and living of people, dry, without moisture.